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Fifteen years into a career in fundraising and people still ask, how do I get into that line of work? How do you ask for money? It is clear, people want to hear from fundraisers about their work. We've brought fundraising volunteers and professionals from across the globe here to... 


...share what we wish we would have known about the nonprofit sector, specifically fundraising

...share the joy that comes with a career in the nonprofit sector

​...bridge the academic to the practical

...provide you real experience and hope to inspire you to launch your career in the nonprofit sector

We are caring professionals who manage this website and podcast as a resource to the future workforce of philanthropy. Asking for Good is not a consultancy. We do not offer additional services.

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Meet your hosts & guests

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guest - episode 1
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I specialize in institutional fundraising with an emphasis in long-term, strategic partnerships.

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guest - episode 2
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I know nonprofits at the local and global level. As a CEO, I'm part of all types of fundraising.

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E. Ramone

guest-episode 3
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I lecture at Columbia University in nonprofit management and have extensive experience in major gifts and nonprofit communications.

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I'm a career fundraiser committed to making the nonprofit sector better. I specialize in individual giving.



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I transitioned into the nonprofit sector.

I work with foundations in the US and abroad to make the world a better place.

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