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Want to make a difference in the world? Looking to start your career in the nonprofit sector? On this website, our community of nonprofit professionals and volunteers share their real world experience with fundraising and career management to prepare you for a meaningful and impactful career.
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Insights from Outside: Polling your network to chart your career path

As we go through life it can be easy to get stuck in one belief of who we are and what we are supposed to do, especially when it comes to our careers. Polling your friends, peers and former colleagues may unlock career potential never before imagined.

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How to Position Your Transferable Skills and Manage Knowledge Gaps

Those entering the nonprofit sector for the first-time may be drawn to the sector by their passion. As Cindy M. Lott, Esq. explains, “I can’t stress enough in our field, passion is wonderful. It is the basis of what we do, but passion alone will not get you there. You have to have skills and […]

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