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More About Mentors

Being a protégé, one who is mentored, is about aiming higher and becoming better through the support and guidance of another person.

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How To Find A Nonprofit Job

Every guest on our podcast emphasized the importance of developing your network. This is especially important when looking for a new job.

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Young African American Attorney Lawyer

Should I go to Law School?

Your first question may be, do I really need a JD for nonprofit positions? That is a hard no (anyone catch the Schitt’s Creek reference?). A JD can distinguish you from other applicants and the training in law school will improve your communication skills.

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virtual interview woman with panel of four interviewers

Be Selective, Be Prepared

Instead of mass applying to every job that looked semi-interesting, Katherine Cross took stock of the hiring organization and the job description. In 2021, she decided the career path forward at her current organization was ultimately not where she wanted to go long-term. In her decade of experience in the nonprofit sector she credits mastering […]

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