Launch your nonprofit fundraising career! (season 1 highlights)

February 26, 2023   |   Season: 1 Episode: 12   |   Transcript

This 15-minute episode takes you through the best of what our guests shared about the practice and skill of fundraising. Hiring managers shared what they look for in candidates, academics shared the importance of the professionalization of the sector, practitioners shared how they knew a career in the nonprofit sector was right for them and how they navigate their career. Guests represented different types of fundraising (annual, major, and planned), organizations (by size and mission), roles in the nonprofit sector, as well as places in their career life cycle. #Interviewing #Mentors #CareerManagement #Schooling #Education #KnowYourStrengths #FindYourPassion #CoverLetter #JobApplication #InformationalInterviews #DEI #Diversity #Equity #Inclusion

Show Notes

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