How To Find A Nonprofit Job

September 9, 2021   |   Career Management

Every guest on our podcast emphasized the importance of developing your network. This is especially important when looking for a new job. You can engage your network to find new openings and to vet those that are already publicly listed.

Here are a few of our favorite resources for finding out about open positions:

  1. Interested newsletter
  2. LinkedIn (Tell Your Story on LinkedIn)
  3. New York Foundation Non-Profit Jobs Link

There are a number of recruitment firms that do placement. We recommend talking to a recruiter. Their unique perspective will provide you insight on how to become a stronger candidate. They may also see potential types of jobs you could be applying for that you hadn’t yet considered.

In episode 2 (listen at the 20:23 mark), David Sherman shared a frustration as a hiring manager. With the ease of application on many job sites, job seekers fail to provide a compelling cover letter that shows why and how exactly the candidate would be a good fit for the role and organization. As you prepare your applications, especially if there is a job you are very interested in, do put in the extra effort to submit a tailored cover letter or update your LinkedIn profile to showcase your alignment with the role and organization. Make it easy for the those doing the initial screening of your application to see how you would be good in this role.

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