Approach Your Career Like A Major Gift Fundraiser, How To Build “Your Case for Support”

October 14, 2021   |   Season: 1 Episode: 3   |   Transcript

About E. Ramone Segree

E. Ramone Segree, Ed.D., a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), is a nonprofit executive, fundraiser, brand manager and strategist. He serves as U.S. Executive Director/Vice President, Marketing, Development and Communications for Women for Women International. He is a lecturer at Columbia University, School of Professional Studies in nonprofit management. In this episode, Ramone shares the story of a gift ask during a capital campaign. The long-term relationship with the donor led to the first research endowment at an institution and many other special gifts. Ramone shares the importance of stewardship and real examples of how he provides stewardship. He tells you how major gift fundraising parallels your career development and helps you build “Your Case for Support.” Ramone answers: Should I start my own nonprofit? and shares his perspective on the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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