Let’s Stop Walking Around Like We’re Immortal

January 9, 2022   |   Season: 1 Episode: 4   |   Transcript

About Ramona Ramadar

Ramona Ramadar, MBA spotted a billboard for a job fair at the local hospital on her way home from her laboratory research job. That moment changed her career trajectory, at the job fair she had her first interview to work in fundraising. After a series of fundraising roles, she found a niche in gift planning. Ramona shares how to grow your career within an organization and key indicators that it is time to move on. As a planned giving fundraiser, she spoke to a donor on his death bed and wants you to know that talking about charitable gifts in a will or trust is not talking about death, it’s talking about life. When she’s hiring, she wants to see a candidate’s curiosity and know they have the confidence to share a good idea even if it challenges her thinking. Finally, Ramona tells us what being a woman of color means to her in her career. She leads the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work at the Philanthropic Planning Group of Greater New York and is proud to report on the strides the organization has made in a short time.

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Being a protégé, one who is mentored, is about aiming higher and becoming better through the support and guidance of another person.

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