Beneficiaries: why the not-for-profit sector exists

November 26, 2023   |   Season: 2 Episode: 5   |   Transcript

Brianne Kilpatrick

Step into the world of non-profit, where success is measured by the positive impact on lives and communities, not just profit margins. Today, we're joined by Brianne Kilpatrick, a seasoned non-profit professional who'll guide you through navigating this fulfilling career path. In this insightful conversation, Brianne shares her journey from the corporate world to a non-profit career driven by purpose. She'll delve into the concept of beneficiaries, the heart of the non-profit sector, and how their lives are transformed by these organizations. Learn how to identify beneficiaries and understand their unique needs, the driving force behind non-profit work. Brianne will also shed light on how everyone has benefited from a non-profit, whether directly or indirectly. For job seekers transitioning into the non-profit sector, Brianne provides invaluable tips on crafting a compelling response to the interview question: "Why this charity? Why now?" She'll also reveal the must-ask interview question to assess an organization's commitment to beneficiaries: "How does this charity include beneficiaries in organizational decision making?" Embrace self-advocacy and learn how to request follow-up conversations to gain clarity after an interview. Additionally, Brianne guides you in aligning your career aspirations with the organization's mission and intervention point, ensuring your values and goals resonate with their work. Whether you're seeking a meaningful career transition or want to enhance beneficiary engagement in your non-profit leadership role, this episode is packed with actionable advice and thought-provoking insights. Join us and discover how you can contribute to a better world through the power of non-profit work. ### Brianne Kilpatrick is a dedicated Planned Giving Officer at Environmental Defense Fund. She has more than a decade of experience in direct fundraising, fundraising operations, and digital communications and she has collaborated with numerous nonprofit leaders to identify fundraising gaps and develop comprehensive strategies in support of their missions. Brianne started her career in for profit corporations, working at AB Data LTD and interning at Time Warner Cable, before moving on to the nonprofit sector. Brianne holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration from North Park University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI.

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