Fundraising from Foundations

In 2020, according to Giving USA, foundations giving had increased the fastest amongst philanthropy sources to reach 19% of total giving.

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How To Find A Nonprofit Job

Every guest on our podcast emphasized the importance of developing your network. This is especially important when looking for a new job.

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More About Mentors

Being a protégé, one who is mentored, is about aiming higher and becoming better through the support and guidance of another person.

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Revenue Streams

Individuals. Institutions. Donor Cycle. Depending on the revenue sources of a nonprofit there will be variations on these primary themes.

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Why Do Nonprofits Exist? What Ties Them Together?

Ready to make a difference in the world? Not sure where to begin? Start here. Called the third sector in some countries, the sector exists to fill a need the market would otherwise not.

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